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Recording for radio: Beetle Inc gets the goods in one take

There’s nothing quite like seeing your idea turned into reality. It’s the moment when the rough scratches of pen on paper emerge fully-formed and beautiful, like a butterfly finally fleeing its gloomy cocoon. That’s why our smiles are so big in this picture – this is the moment Beetle Inc saw 5 radio ads come alive at Phatjam Productions recording studio in Morningside.

The radio ads formed the crown of a large campaign we’ve been working on over the holidays, while the rest of the world was carving turkeys and desperately avoiding their mother-in-laws (don’t worry, we found the time for some of that too). 6 talented voice-over artists came together to breathe life into the scripts, and after a few on-the-fly edits and many laughs, we had recorded 5 amazing adverts

Both the Beetle team and the client were very happy with the outcome, agreeing that each ad brings the intended message across in the right style and tone. Phatjam’s Marcel Sapet will be waving his wand over the ads for some extra audio wizardry, and the first will play on Durban Youth Radio in the next few days. We’re delighted with the ads and are vibrating with the excitement of hearing them on the air!

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