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Hey Beetle Inc – what’s up with the piñata?

If you go to our home page, you can’t miss the image of the crazed little girl gleefully smashing the sweets out of a piñata. You might be wondering what the deal is – why would Beetle Inc, a strategic creative marketing agency, decide to choose a papier-mâché horse filled with candy as a mascot?

First of all, it’s an awesome image. Dwell for even a second on the power this tiny kid must have hiding inside them to create that explosion of suckers, whistles, fizzers and confetti, and you can’t help but be amazed.

Well, we’re that kid. We weave like smoke through the crowds of frenzied children swinging wildly at nothing, leaping over the kids who are crying because they missed the target, and slipping past the maniac who just klapped an unsuspecting dad in the Sandra Bullocks. With eyes never straying from the target, we ease our ninja sword from its scabbard, pick the best avenue of attack, and cleave the piñata cleanly in two with one deft flash of the blade.

This is our philosophy when it comes to meeting our clients’ marketing goals, and our culture as an agency. Our team of highly-trained super assassins has been to enough parties to know exactly how to step up, smash the target, bust open the market and rain down those sweet returns. We see every day as an opportunity to pick up our finely-crafted marketing sticks and beat the living daylights out of every opportunity that comes our way. Whatever the challenge, we always give it our best, hit it hard, and love every second of it.

So, yeah. That’s why the piñata.

If you want to string up your marketing piñata for us to aim our creative, strategic sabres at, give us a shout or take a look at our range of services below.

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