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From Degree to Deadline – Beetle Inc strategist inspires young minds

On Monday the 1st of April 2019, our enthusiastic and staggeringly-impressive Junior Brand Strategist James delivered a presentation to a group of young students, most of whom were entering their first year of studies. Through sharing his own personal journey from being a fresh-faced first year to becoming an invaluable member of the Beetle Inc team, he imparted insights and wisdom on being a young person going into the wild world of marketing.

With a friendly tone, a welcoming demeanour and an awesome presentation riddled with amusing asides, James talked the students through his daily life at the agency. After giving a broad overview of how marketing and advertising agencies function, he chatted about the expectations versus the reality of starting work after studying, as well as the particular nuances of an agency environment.

Being at the cutting edge of marketing trends and insights, James was able to speak to the manner in which the advertising world is evolving and changing, and its increasingly-important role in the 21st century. He further discussed the common misconceptions regarding millennials, showing the students that the stereotypical view of Gen Y is a skewed interpretation of their unique and valuable skills, highlighting the dynamic and innovative thinking this generational band brings to the working environment

To take advantage of the superhuman abilities of James the prodigious Junior Brand Strategist and the rest of our lively team of marketing magicians, get in touch with us or explore the range of awesome things we do by clicking on the icons below.

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