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Find out which iconic legends get a permanent parking spot at Beetle Inc

It’s always hard to know where you fit in in the world, especially when you’re bursting with all the epic characteristics that made Chuck Norris a modern-day mythical creature. Whenever you think you’ve found your calling, people always get in the way. Try and tackle crime vigilante-style and everyone laughs at you wearing your underpants on the outside. Try and eat your weight in doughnuts and the cashier tells you they don’t have that many glazed eclairs in stock.

Don’t worry, we understand you. It can be tough out there.

But at Beetle Inc, your Batmobile equivalent will always have a home. All our parking spots are exclusively reserved for the awesome, the outrageous and the adventurous. Come by and you’ll notice that the likes of Homer Simpson, Darth Vader and David Hasselhoff all have a permanent parking spot at our offices. You never know when they’ll decide to pop by for a quick consultation between legends.

Don’t worry, though; these guys aren’t only known for their fabled fabulosity. They’re also known for their unrivalled generosity, and will be happy to lend their coveted patch of ground at the Beetle Inc offices to anyone they deem worthy. That means anyone who lives and breathes the essence of awesomeness, anyone who can turn their face upon the dazzling greatness of the extraordinary and get nothing but a light suntan.

So if that sounds like you – if you’ve ever tackled a bear and won, if you’ve ever broken a stack of bricks with your forehead, if you’ve ever managed to do a whole month of grocery shopping on the day after payday without giving up and living off the land instead – we’re sure they’ll lend you their spot.

If you’re unsure whether you meet these standards (and we’re sure you do – you made it this far, didn’t you?), you can always get a little taste of Beetle Inc’s awesomeness online by clicking one of the buttons below, or by contacting us directly.

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