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Find out what’s poppin’ at the Beetle Inc offices!

How cool is this? The big-wigs at Beetle Inc, namely Kylie and Dane Salmon, thought we could use something to make our ideas pop during our creative brainstorming sessions, so they hooked us up with this incredibly sexy movie-style popcorn machine! Sorry if this sounds corny, but life at Beetle Inc is a-maize-ing! When we saw what the bosses had bought us, we were pop and locking all over the office! We even promoted our human resources officer to kernel! Honestly, when we heard they had bought us a popcorn machine, we couldn’t believe our ears!

…because it’s called an ‘ear’ of corn. Come on guys, stay with me here. If you miss another one of these terrible puns you might become an object of scorn! HA! Got you again.

Unbelievably, having a popcorn machine in the office actually helps us come up with better ideas! With the power of snacking behind us, we can do anything. The ambient sound of constant crunching vibrates at the same harmonic level as the peaceful hum of Gregorian chanting, stimulating the high-developed creative sections of our brains in weird and wonderful ways. Connections are made when none were seen before. Productivity is up; boredom is down. And most importantly, our clients are happier than ever.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can have a look at what we’re doing right here., on this digital portal to awesomeness. Check out all those cool buttons down there, just below this paragraph. See how they light up when you hover over them, quivering with excitement and just begging to be clicked? Why are they turning red? Are they embarrassed? Shy? I think you might need to make the first move. Why not pick one and make their day? Your cursor thinks it’s a good idea. Look, it turned into a finger…

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