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Colouring in the blank spaces at Beetle Inc with creativity

Creative people will always look to colour in blank spaces, and there is no larger collection of incredible creatives than at Beetle Inc. That’s why, when we took another look at large and looming panes of glass separating our welcoming reception area from our hard-working team, we realised that these transparent towers of tedium needed to disappear faster than the widget at a Beetle Inc staff party.

Our creative team put their heads together to conquer the clear curtain of glass, starting with the simplest and hardest question any company can ask itself: what do we do? When the answer emerged, it seemed obvious – strategic creative marketing, a combination master plan uniting careful insight-based strategies with out-the-box thinking and creative approaches to tackling marketing problems both old and new. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are.

To make sure everyone knows what we hold near and dear, and what sets us apart from the rest, we tattooed these three words onto the face of our working space. Now it’s the first thing you see, a bold declaration of our promise of high quality, innovative marketing strategies, laid out beautifully on the translucent canvas. It’s our oath to the world, our self-imposed undertaking of excellence and our commitment to doing our best for every client.

To add a little extra insight and motivation to offset the fluorescent lights, we added some inspirational quotes to each pane, injecting wisdom from great thinkers across the millennia. Walking through this motivating vestibule every morning, each member of staff absorbs a bit of the genius that propelled these skilled sophists into the annals of history.

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