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Strengthening strategic abilities at Beetle Inc

At Beetle Inc, strategy is at the core of everything we do; it makes up one of the most important of the sturdy columns that hold up our agency’s unparalleled offering. Everything we do starts from a strategic point of view before moving to implementation, ensuring that we waste no time in getting to the most efficient and effective solution available to us and the client.

We also pride ourselves on our innovation, not just when it comes to catering to our clients’ every need but also when it comes to boosting our team’s skills. That’s why everyone in the office embarked on a fun and engaging strategic exercise to build a comprehensive strategic partnership between every member of the Beetle team!

So here’s what went down: three of the Beetle top dogs acted as clients, and each client was allocated to a team. The three teams were made up of a healthy mix of our talented creatives, amazing account execs, worthy web devs and dynamic digital specialists to foster good communication between the different arms of the Beetle body.

The teams were ‘briefed’ with the task of strategically building a structure out of wooden Jenga blocks which would be able to withstand the removal of as many blocks as possible. The ‘clients’ then selected specific blocks from each team’s construction to be removed, and the teams had to work together to identify the challenge, strategize a solution and successfully remove the selected blocks. The team who was able to remove the most blocks won a series of high fives and the privilege of lording haughtily over their fellow colleagues.

This entertaining and interactive experiment helped everyone think outside the box and strengthened the dynamic response to new challenges that the Beetle team prides itself in. Innovation abounded and everyone was able to bond and form sturdier avenues of communication between every member of the team. Who would have thunk that this could all be achieved with just a few wooden rectangles?

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