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Bonding at the Beetle Inc Beachfront Breakfast

A team that breakfasts together destroys marketing briefs together! After a busy week at Beetle HQ, we embarked on our annual Beetle Inc Breakfast on Friday the 5th of April. With the rain beating down on the rich Durban foliage, we took refuge in the delightful Bellevue Café, while revitalising both our bodies and our brains.

Beyond a tasty feast paired with an awesome ambience, we made good use of our time away from our screens, creating a more tightly-knit team through some IRL interactions and AFK engagements, and further cementing the family-like connection that is integral to our consistently-impressive output. Both light-hearted banter and passionate discussion served as the ingredients for a bonding bonanza, and the team emerged as a newly-charged squad of dynamic dynamos ready to take on any challenge together.

Bellevue Café comes highly-recommended as a venue for forging formidable connections, not to mention fabulous food and fantastic people. Thanks for hosting our crew of crazy creatives and rowdy executives, and for putting up with our general revelry. We hope to see you again soon!

To take advantage of our newly-recharged and even-more-tightly-connected team, pop us an email or explore our wide range of creative and strategic services below.

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