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Beetle Inc celebrates the commitment of two long-standing legends

On a quiet autumn morning, way back before the 2000’s blossomed into an angsty teenager with anger management problems, two absolute legends strolled casually through our doors – and changed the lives of all those at Beetle Inc forever.

Cole Saunders, our digital management maestro, and Greg Wilkinson, our project-smashing studio manager, both joined us a cool decade ago. For the last 10 years, these heroes of the digital golden age have been working their asses off to make Beetle Inc what it is today, fuelled only by coffee, tequila and a passion for what we do. These guys are an integral part of the complex and beautiful machinery that keeps Beetle Inc climbing ever higher, like those little flaps on aeroplane wings, but much more glamorous.

We know the classic gift for a 10-year anniversary is tin, but that sounded shoddy to us, and we’ve got enough heart to make the tinman jealous. So we celebrated Cole and Greg’s decennial achievement by handing them the coveted Beetle Inc 10 Years Award, good for nods of approval and free high fives in any place of disrepute.

With this memento of excellence framed proudly on their respective walls, we hope Cole and Greg have been inspired to stay with us for another 10, 20 or even 100 years – those science guys are getting good at the whole eternal life thing, and if Cole and Greg think they’re going to retire they’ve got another thing coming!

For a little taste of what these architects of awesome have been helping us build for the last 10 years, click any one of the enticing links below and find out what we actually do around here. If you already know us and love what we do (and why wouldn’t you?), get in touch by clicking here.

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