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Beetle Inc celebrates success with a #PinataMoment

The Beetle Inc team knows how important it is to celebrate both personal and team victories. It keeps us motivated, reminds us how awesome we are, and showcases our magician-level skills to the world. That’s why we’ve started commemorating our many and various triumphs by labelling each victory a #PinataMoment!

What is a #PinataMoment? Well, as the name suggests, it’s something you smashed! Whether the team nails a pitch and lands a massive client, or if someone in the office pulls off an incredible project in record timing, our best successful conquests are heralded with the hashtag.

But we’re not keeping it all to ourselves! That wouldn’t be a #PinataMoment at all… Mark your massive achievements and watch out for all our merry memorialisation on Facebook and Instagram or by following the hashtag on your favourite social media.

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