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Beetle Inc beach breakfast – learn the secret to our strength

In order to maintain their superhuman abilities, ninja warriors need to meditate and practise daily. That’s why we at Beetle Inc spend the first 4 hours of the day doing choreographed Taekwondo on the beachfront, breaking wooden boards with our faces and gaining the favour of the sun gods – and we’re still at work by 8am every morning.

How is this possible? What is the secret to our indefatigable energy and endless enthusiasm? How is it possible for such an ostensibly unassuming bunch of flesh-and-blood humans to excel beyond the boundaries of bodily possibility? Well, aside from all the secret superhuman serum we buy wholesale from defunct government agencies, the most important element is a good breakfast!

That’s why we took some time out recently to tuck into a delicious and nutritious morning meal at Surf Riders Cafe, our favourite spot for tasty chow coupled with sea views. These dudes are so close to the ocean you could almost invite Poseidon to join your table (we tried, he’s unsurprisingly suspicious of anyone without fins or scales) and their food is as delightful as their unparalleled panorama of the briny blue.

The nourishing and delectable fare at Surf Riders Cafe loaded us with all the energy we needed to tackle the day and eat it whole!

Don’t worry, we don’t spend all day sitting around dining on delicacies – I feel like we covered this in the first paragraph. But if you still don’t believe us, have a gander at all the wonderful things we do below. Go on, click on one. What about that one with the little telescope ? That looks fascinating! You might even learn something…

If you’ve already been swayed by this gorgeous bunch of people on the right, why not dive straight in and pop us a mail? Whatever you need – we can do it.

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