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Beetle Inc bands together for the Big Walk

Nothing beats a bit of sunshine, exercise and time out with “work family”. So this year’s Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk was naturally a massive hit with the team!

While a few team members needed some recovery time from the 5-day week, the rest of us challenged ourselves to an early wake-up on Sunday the 19 th of May. Each team member took on the distance that they felt comfortable with, and at the pace their varying fitness levels allowed.

Aside from being able to appreciate our beautiful coast line (Durban Golden Mile), East Coast Radio have this incredible knack of making the walk feel more like a party.

As always, friends were made along the way and our cheek muscles were a lot more tired from than our feet from all the smiling. Everyone had a fantastic day out, and we had a positive impact on our community to boot!

We are delighted to have taken part in this amazing event, and are looking forward to next year already!

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