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Beetle Inc Attends a Self, Other & Diversity Workshop

We at Beetle Inc love what we do, we really do. That love gets transferred to the people we work with, and is so overwhelming that it encompasses everyone we ever speak to. But you can’t love someone without respecting them. We’ve realised that respect entails understanding both ourselves and others more deeply, so we can make sure we always treat absolutely everyone with consideration, thoughtfulness and civility.

To ensure that we stick to the high standards that we’ve set for ourselves, the Beetle Inc team attended a Self, Other and Diversity workshop to gain a better understanding of self-awareness and respect for others, as well as the impact this has on engagement. We learned the importance of treating all people with the same regard you would show to a close friend or family member.

But all this needs to start from a place of self-awareness. We investigated why we do what we do, and let it inform how we do it – rather than the other way around. This led us on an introspective journey culminating in a re-commitment to embracing the diversity of this weird spinning ball of green and blue we’re all sitting on, and a passionate drive to engage with everyone on an equal and courteous level.

We believe that if everyone treats everyone else with openness and respect, the world would be an absolutely incredible place. We aim to be shining examples, inspiring evil-doers to turn over a new leaf and causing saints to redouble their efforts… okay, that’s a bit much. But we do plan on incorporating what we learned at the workshop into everything we do.

To see how we incorporate respect and self-awareness into everything we do, click on any of our services below. Otherwise you can get in contact via mail or telephone here.

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