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Beetle Inc adds movies to the Popcorn Friday tradition

The world of advertising is constantly changing and evolving, and as a result, we like to steer clear of conventions. However, Popcorn Fridays have become a well-established tradition at Beetle Inc ever since the office wisely invested in a popcorn-maker. And while spices and seasonings may change, the sound of ubiquitous crunching at Beetle HQ on Fridays is unlikely to quieten down any time soon.

But what’s popcorn without a movie? The two are so intricately intertwined that our popcorn-maker even has movie reel on the side of it. We knew we had to include a little visual action to accompany the popped corn – our hands were figuratively tied – so the whole team took a 10-minute breather to watch a short informative talk.

Our selection for the afternoon’s inspiration was VeynerMedia co-founder and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk explaining the power of Facebook advertising in 2019. With a dynamic and responsive approach to advertising, Gary brought many fascinating insights and unique angles on social media advertising to the team.

Speaking to the follies of repurposing old media to new platforms, the benefits of having a strong brand personality, and the necessity for a great wealth of content in the modern age, Gary delivered a powerful speech, and the Beetle team left with a deeper understanding of the great potential for both success and failure that social media advertising offers.

But we don’t want to spoil it for you – watch the full video on the left.

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