We know what you’re thinking… Why the freaking piñata?! Well, it’s The Year of the Piñata so in your face! Ok, fine, we just thought the image was too sick to ignore. But before you Google if there is such a thing as The Year of the Piñata, read on for some perspective:

Think of it like this. At every piñata party there are different kinds of kids. There’s one chasing the others with the stick raised menacingly over her head, another is bawling in the corner because he missed the target and, of course, there’s one swinging so wildly that he klaps an unsuspecting dad in the testicles. We’re none of these kids. We’re the highly trained, super assassin, papier-mâché punisher who has been to enough parties to know exactly how to step up to the plate, smash the target to smithereens, bust open the market and rain down those sweet returns!

But this philosophy is about so much more than creating great work. It’s our agency culture. We see each day as an opportunity to pick up our finely crafted marketing sticks and beat the living daylights out of every opportunity that comes our way. We don’t care if we’re the smallest kid at the party standing in the shadow of the colossal piñata our client has kindly strung up for us, we work together and swing for the fences. Whatever the challenge, we give it our best, we hit it hard and we love every second of it. So, yeah, that’s why.